World of Faerel

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  • “They created another world, but some pieces were missing.”

    2009: Officer Jack Rowan drowns his sorrows in a bottle of whisky and throws his life away.

    1943: Hanna Strausen, daughter of a wealthy industrialist, walks off into the bitter Austrian winter in an attempt to end a losing battle with cancer.

    1967: Som Lek Tredeaux, on the run from the Tetra gambling syndicate, takes refuge in a mysterious shop.

    2331: Drug-addled youth Claire Daniels takes her last hit of dioxyribocontrin.

    From award winning author Ted Fauster comes an epic fantasy like no other. An outcast angel steals the blueprints for existence then loses them. The forces of hell collude to create a new world, one kept under the thumb of their influence. But things are about to change.

    Four people whose lives were ruined, scattered across time, are given a second chance. All they have to do is survive the Deomans of Faerel.

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  • Guardians of the Galaxy meets Dungeons and Dragons! * Renegade demons, weird and ancient technologies, deep dark dungeons, celestial magics, wicked monsters… Readers of both fantasy and science fiction will certainly find something to wrap their minds around in this title. Isn’t it about time you went on a proper adventure! WAR IS ON THE HORIZON! While Jack and his companions continue their search for the first of the Elysian shards, the mighty wulgar Palontine investigates the disturbance in the trade routes. Meanwhile, the proud dwarfs of Kriegen Hold are growing restless. How much more of this Colodian occupation can they take? Unbeknownst to our heroes, the evil Hellion King of Jarl Narvalla is on the march, and with him comes a horde of walking dead… but is this all just a ruse? Who are the real villains? And can anyone put an end to the storm that continues to block all magicks? Join Jack, Hanna, Som, Claire and all the others as they quest to bring order to the hellish world of Faerel!


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