World of Faerel

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  • From award-winning science fantasy adventure author Ted Fauster

    Mystic magic, sword fights, sea monsters, dangerous dungeons, sprawling underground hell worlds, demons and devils, angels and angry gods – this book has everything you want in a fantasy fiction adventure!

    Long ago, dark forces from Hell conspired to craft an entirely new world from the leftover bits of creation not used in the formation of Earth. But some pieces were missing. A decommissioned angel recruits four ordinary people, each snatched from different points in time, to fight the darkness and set things back in order.

    This science fiction fantasy adventure follows the journeys of Jack, Hanna, Som and Claire on their quest for the Destiny Scrolls in the hellish world of Faerel. Readers of both science fiction and fantasy fiction will enjoy this adventure!

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  • Guardians of the Galaxy meets Dungeons and Dragons! * Renegade demons, weird and ancient technologies, deep dark dungeons, celestial magics, wicked monsters… Readers of both fantasy and science fiction will certainly find something to wrap their minds around in this title. Isn’t it about time you went on a proper adventure! WAR IS ON THE HORIZON! While Jack and his companions continue their search for the first of the Elysian shards, the mighty wulgar Palontine investigates the disturbance in the trade routes. Meanwhile, the proud dwarfs of Kriegen Hold are growing restless. How much more of this Colodian occupation can they take? Unbeknownst to our heroes, the evil Hellion King of Jarl Narvalla is on the march, and with him comes a horde of walking dead… but is this all just a ruse? Who are the real villains? And can anyone put an end to the storm that continues to block all magicks? Join Jack, Hanna, Som, Claire and all the others as they quest to bring order to the hellish world of Faerel!

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  • In this next volume in the “Field Guides of Faerel” series, we’ll examine the mysterious Krin, the golden-skinned lizard men of the Far West, we’ll journey to the Pine Barrens to drop in on the Kritin and the Wulgar, who share a symbiotic relationship. We’ll brave the emerald waters of the Eastern seas to pay a visit to the Raratong and the elusive Rusalk, and we’ll learn all about the dwarven Reyks and the devastatingly evil undead creatures known as the Revenants.

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