Buy Books Direct from Ted Fauster

Signed books direct from Ted Fauster!

How to buy from me direct:

1) Click here to EMAIL ME. (tedfauster at gmail dot com)

2) In your email, please indicate which book you would like mailed to you (Continental US orders only, please). Choices are:

  • Deomans of Faerel
  • Hellion King of Faerel
  • Conquest of Faerel (available Dec 15th, 2017)

3) Let me know how you would like the book signed. Choices are:

  • Just the signature
  • Personalized (please provide the first name only, I will do the rest)

4) Please provide an email you check frequently. I’ll use this to send you the bill via PayPal (don’t worry, you don’t need a PayPal account to pay). Each signed copy is $25, shipping and tracking included.

5) Please provide the SHIPPING address. Shipping is included. Due to restrictions, I can only ship books to the Continental US (the lower 48).

6) Once your bill is paid, I will contact you with the tracking number when your book ships (usually the next weekend after you payment goes through.)

7) Please be patient. Snail mail is notoriously slow, and is affected by weather and holiday seasons. I will make every effort to get your book in the mail ASAP.

Thank you!