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What it takes to get a signed copy of one of my books in your hands

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WHAT IT TAKES TO GET YOU A SIGNED BOOK I love this time of year. The holidays are almost upon us, and for me that means book publishing time! As most of you who consistently buy my books know, I publish around November and December of each year. It’s not something I really planned for, […]

Shades of Grey: Are my books inappropriate for your child?

Are your books appropriate for my child to read? Every now and then, a parent asks me the one question that makes me uncomfortable: “Are your books appropriate for children?” The reason this question makes me uncomfortable may not be the reason you think. Let me explain… I write fantasy fiction. In particular, I write […]

Conquest of Faerel now available for pre-order!

The third (and final?) book in my popular World of Faerel series CONQUEST OF FAEREL is now available for pre-order! The quest for the Destiny Scrolls continues… Follow along as Jack Rowan and his valiant crew of castaways embark on the final days of their mission to introduce freewill into the cursed World of Faerel. […]