Surprise! New cover for CONQUEST

Remember that book cover I had you all vote on? Well… I changed it.

Here’s why:

A few days ago, a colleague contacted me. He told me flat out that he did not like my book covers, and that I needed to change them.


So, instead of getting defensive, I listened to what he had to say. He was making a very good point. While he thought the image was nice, he felt very strongly that it did not adequately convey what the story was about, and therefore he did not read the book.

Didn’t read the book? Because you didn’t like the cover?


I thought and thought. The covers to all three books in the World of Faerel series are the same. This is intentional. I only had the colors shifted to represent the different volumes. But this person was telling me that none of them worked.

And he was right.

I did some soul searching. Does not adequately convey what the story is about…

[snaps fingers]

I contacted a designer I know, a very good one. After a brief conversation (and a horrible rough-out I sent him), he felt like he had a good feel for something better. I waited. And waited. And then he sent me this:

I’m blown away. THIS is what the story is about. Two worlds. Overlapping. The modern and the medieval. I can’t be happier with the results.

Bottom line: sometimes it pays to have that difficult conversation. And when you have the courage to listen, things can often improve.

Pre-orders open November 1st, 2017
Cover Design:
Shawn DeCriscio

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