Monthly Archives: October 2017

How To Make 1 Gallon Of Mead: Part 1

Simple Honey Mead Recipe – Part 1 I’m going to show you a simple honey mead recipe which will yield a 1 gallon melomel (fruit mead). Why am I doing this? Because I recently had the absolute joy of drinking mead and I have to say the experience was, in a word, transcending. After some […]

Surprise! New cover for CONQUEST

Remember that book cover I had you all vote on? Well… I changed it. Here’s why: A few days ago, a colleague contacted me. He told me flat out that he did not like my book covers, and that I needed to change them. Hmmm… So, instead of getting defensive, I listened to what he […]

How I Went From Playing Tabletop RPGs to Writing Fantasy Books

Back in the ‘80s, I was not exactly what you would call a healthy kid. I was small, skinny and weak. I got picked on all the time. And I would catch every bug out there, seems like every year. During one summer, as I lay sick in bed from a particularly nasty stomach flu, […]