Ted Fauster: October 2017 Update

October 2017: UPDATE

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Can you believe October is already here?

So what’s happening…

The long-anticipated Sebastian Doubinsky anthology SILENCE IS WHITE is set to release October 19th. Lots of very fine writers and poets in this one. I am honored to have the lead piece with my short story “Hope, the Killer.”

It’s looking like the e-book of CONQUEST OF FAEREL, the third (and final?) book in the World of Faerel series will be out in time for the Gamehole Con this November. Print book to follow in time for Christmas.

On the horizon: THE ROSS ISLAND BRIDGE is still going through heavy duty rewrites, but things are really starting to shape up. Very thankful for all the help and encouragement I have received. This is a big one for me.

Beyond the horizon: Following tightly on the heels of RIB is a new book, which I have just begun work on, tentatively titled CANNON BEACH. This takes place in an undisclosed future timeline prior to narrative that unfolds in RIB. So yes, these two books will be related, although each can easily stand on its own. Will share more as this exciting new story develops. (My other brain is still slowly speaking it to me.)



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