Conquest of Faerel Release Date

Conquest of Faerel, Book Three, World of Faerel series
November 2017

Four things I’d like to address:

1) Many of you have expressed that you DO NOT want to receive “Conquest” in monthly installments, that you would rather wait until the book is complete and read the entire thing. I can dig it. With this in mind, let’s move on to point 2.

2) The third novel in my popular World of Faerel series, CONQUEST OF FAEREL, will be released as a complete novel by November of 2017. It will be introduced at the 2017 Gamehole Con in Madison, Wisconsin.

3) Initially, the book will only be available in print form. An e-book will come soon thereafter.

4) In thanks to everyone who signed up, IF you added your email to the “Episodes” mailing list (no longer active), you will be sent a FREE e-book (yes, the entire e-book) once it releases. (To clarify, this is NOT the main mailing list, this was a special mailing list in which I promised to send monthly episodes to readers specifically interested in receiving the episodes.)

Thank you!


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