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Room for Improvement

You know, when I first began self publishing my novels, I focused on writing great books, providing the reader with an incredible experience in a fantastic realm of imagination. I retained excellent editing and proofreading, established rigid continuity checks, and made sure I had some of the nicest cover art out there.

I was very proud of my books.

Then 2016 began rolling to a close. I peeked back inside some of those books, in particular the electronic ones.

Still good. Still solid. But something was bothering me.

I wasn’t satisfied.

That’s the great thing about self publishing. You control it all!

It’s also the scariest thing. Writers write. So it’s easy to overlook some of the minor details – like making sure the Papyrus font you used in the original tile chapters still looks as cool as you thought it did in 2012. Yuck!

It’s November now. Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Then Christmas. Then New Years. I want to make sure we all enter 2017 with bright and shiny cleaned up versions of all my ebooks. That’s why I’ve made it a point to include these revisions to my work schedule. As these books (very good ones in their own right) get polished up, I’ll let you know via my Monthly Newsletter.

For those of you who have already purchased e-copies, look for an email notifying you of a revision. Please download this revision to update your copy. I promise you, nothing in the story has changed. Just better overall presentation.

You know, its a tough life being an independent writer. The pay is crap. The stigma still sticks. Some do not consider us “real” writers at all. Some believe what we do is just a hobby, a way to pass the time.

My stance is simple:

This is my life. The writer’s life. I chose this life because I believe I can make a difference in the world, however subtle. I can do this by making people happy, by providing a much-needed temporary escape, by taking you all on ADVENTURES!

Here’s to adventures. Here’s to us. And here’s to better books and a better reader experience.



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