The Sounds of October

People are People 

Getty Images, NBC Chicago

Getty Images, NBC Chicago

I’m a Yankees fan.

Have been since my uncle started taking me to games when I was still in single digits. There’s a fading NY tattooed on my shoulder that’s been there for twenty years. But I have to say this World Series is turning out to be quite amazing.

Even if you don’t give a hoot about baseball. Or know nothing of the gypsy curse of the goat. Even if the only Bartman you’ve heard of is from a cartoon… you have to admire the courage and enthusiasm of both teams. This really has been an exciting first few games.

Media outlets tend to focus on the negative. And I’m sure there will be plenty of it. But with the advent of sound cannons that can literally pick up on-field conversations we can now hear what players on opposing teams are actually saying to one another.

You would expect the worst. Cursing. Insults. Taunts.

Captured after a player makes it to first, said to the first baseman…

“Oh man. This is so crazy. I’m so stressed out.”

To which the first baseman replies…

“Tell me about it.”

And immediately the moment is grounded. Real people. Ordinary men in the midst of a challenge.

This is sportsmanship.

This is October baseball.


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